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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11In Reply to the Letter to the Editor Regarding “Evidences in Neurological Surgery and a Cutting Edge Classification of the Trigeminocardiac Reflex : A Systematic Review”Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Leon Ariza, Juan S.; Leon Sarmiento, Fidias E.
2017-10Key Aspects in Foramen Magnum Meningiomas: From Old Neuroanatomical Conceptions to Current Far Lateral Neurosurgical InterventionLeon Ariza, Daniel S.; Campero, Alvaro; Romero Chaparro, Rubby J.; Prada, Diddier G.; Vargas Grau, Gabriel; Rhoton Jr., Albert L.
2014-05-15The lateralized smell test for detecting Alzheimer's disease : Failure to replicateDoty, Richard L.; Bayona, Edgardo A.; Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Cuadros, Juan; Chung, Inna; Vazquez, Britney; Leon Sarmiento, Fidias E.
2015-02-14A new neurometric dissection of the area-under-curve-associated jiggle of the motor evoked potential induced by transcranial magnetic stimulationLeon Sarmiento, Fidias E.; Rizzo Sierra, Carlos V.; Leon Ariza, Juan S.; Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Sobota, Rosanna; Prada, Diddier G.
2015-04-04Remote dysfunctions in spinal cord injury : Closer than everLeon Ariza, Daniel S.; Leon Ariza, Juan S.; Bayona, Edgardo A.; Bayona Prieto, Jaime; Leon Sarmiento, Fidias E.
2016-09-15Sensory aspects in myasthenia gravis : A translational approachLeon Sarmiento, Fidias E.; Leon Ariza, Juan S.; Prada, Diddier G.; Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Rizzo Sierra, Carlos V.
2019Smell status in functional movement disorders : New clues for diagnosis and underlying mechanismsLeon Sarmiento, Fidias E.; Bayona Prieto, Jaime; Leon Ariza, Juan S.; Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Jacob, Alexandra E.; LaFaver, Kathrin; Doty, Richard L.
2019-01The Three Nociceptive Responses of the Orbicularis Oculi Reflex in Alzheimer’s Disease : State of the Evidence and Meta-analysisLeon Ariza, Daniel S.; Leon Ariza, Juan S.; Prada, Diddier G.; Castillo, Camilo; Leon Sarmiento, Fidias E.