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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Adoption of the maternal role theorist Mercer Ramona care nursing mothers and children : Case report in maternal and child unitAlvarado, Laura; Guarín, Luzmila; Cañón Montañez, Wilson
2011Assertiveness : A necessary social ability in the professionals of nursing and physiotherapyCañón Montañez, Wilson; Rodríguez Acelas, Alba Luz
2015-01Caminos metodológicos : Validación y desarrollo de diagnósticos de enfermeríaRodríguez Acelas, Alba Luz; Cañón Montañez, Wilson
2018-07Central Obesity is the Key Component in the Association of Metabolic Syndrome With Left Ventricular Global Longitudinal Strain ImpairmentCañón Montañez, Wilson; Santos, Angela B.S.; Nunes, Lisandra A.; Pires, Julio C.G.; Freire, Claudia M.V.; Ribeiro, Antonio L.P.; Mill, José G.; Bessel, Marina; Duncan, Bruce B.; Schmidt, Maria Inês; Foppa, Murilo
2012-01Contribuciones al desarrollo de la investigación en enfermería : Retos y perspectivasDurán Parra, Myriam; Cañón Montañez, Wilson; Barajas Blanco, Alexandra Marieth
2011-06El cuidado de enfermería en las mujeres postmenopáusicas con síndrome metabólicoCañón Montañez, Wilson; Domínguez U., Mary Sabel; Egea H., Tatiana
2011-01Dengue fever with warning signs : Case report and nursing care planMora Merchán, Mayra Alejandra; Severiche Rivera, Lesley; Cañón Montañez, Wilson
2010-01Development of the research in nursing diagnosisCañón Montañez, Wilson; Rodríguez Acelas, Alba Luz
2012-01Efficacy of nursing intervention : Improving communication - visual deficit, in school students from a primary education institute of public sector in BucaramangaCampos de Aldana, María-Stella; Cañón Montañez, Wilson; Moya Plata, Delia; Durán Parra, Myriam; Amin Madera, Alba Luz; Chinchilla Meza, Jeimy Catalina; Noriega Pacheco, Mayeli Esperanza
2014-05Environmental factors and stressors that affect patient recovery in the Intensive Care UnitCañón Montañez, Wilson; Rodríguez Acelas, Alba Luz
2010-01Evidence-based nursing : An essential pillar in the curriculumCañón Montañez, Wilson; Durán Niño, Erika-Yurley; Hernández Beltrán, Jairo Andrés
2009Intensive and critical care nursing perspectivesWilliams, G.F.; Fulbrook, P.R.; Alexandrov, A.W.; Cañón Montañez, Wilson; Salisu-Kabara, H.M.; Chan, D.W.K.
2010-05Is there an increase risk of cancer, reproduction complications and toxic events in workers exposed to antineoplastic agents?Cañón Montañez, Wilson; Rodríguez Acelas, Alba Luz
2011-01Monitoring of nursing a pacient with acute myocardial infarction : A challenge of lifeRodríguez Acelas, Alba Luz; Cañón Montañez, Wilson
2017-11-20Reproducibility of left ventricular global longitudinal strain using two-dimensional ultrasound speckle tracking : Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)Cañón Montañez, Wilson; Santos, Angela B.S.; DoAmaral, Maria Vitória F.; Almeida Nunes, Lisandra; Duncan, Bruce B.; Schmidt, Maria Inês; Foppa, Murilo
2017-11Risk factors for health care–associated infection in hospitalized adults: Systematic review and meta-analysisRodríguez Acelas, Alba Luz; De Abreu Almeida, Miriam; Engelman, Bruna; Cañón Montañez, Wilson
2011-01Role of the nursing professional in clinical researchZarate, Sandra Juliana; Rueda Santamaría, Lina; Cañón Montañez, Wilson
2011-07Suicide risk in college students from Bucaramanga in the year 2011Martínez Durán, Eliana; Romero Romero, Marcela; Rey de Cruz, Nelly; Cañón Montañez, Wilson
2017Virtual Health Library in Nursing for Colombia : A new scientific communication portalCañón Montañez, Wilson
2010-07Why are there no medicines for neglected tropical diseases?Cañón Montañez, Wilson; Rodríguez Acelas, Alba Luz