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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-11-09Behaviour change strategies for reducing blood pressure-related disease burden : Findings from a global implementation research programmePeiris, David; Thompson, Simon R.; Beratarrechea, Andrea; Cárdenas, María Kathia; Diez Canseco, Francisco; Goudge, Jane; Gyamfi, Joyce; Kamano, Jemima Hoine; Irazola, Vilma; Johnson, Claire; Kengne, Andre P.; Keat, Ng Kien; Miranda, J. Jaime; Mohan, Sailesh; Mukasa, Barbara; Ng, Eleanor; Nieuwlaat, Robby; Ogedegbe, Olugbenga; Ovbiagele, Bruce; Plange Rhule, Jacob; Praveen, Devarsetty; Salam, Abdul; Thorogood, Margaret; Thrift, Amanda G.; Vedanthan, Rajesh; Waddy, Salina P.; Webster, Jacqui; Webster, Ruth; Yeates, Karen; Yusoff, Khalid; López Jaramillo, Patricio; Hypertension Research Programme members
2017-03-15Developing consensus measures for global programs : Lessons from the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Hypertension research programLópez Jaramillo, Patricio; Riddell, Michaela A.; Edwards, Nancy; Thompson, Simon R.; Ortiz, Antonio Bernabe; Praveen, Devarsetty; Johnson, Claire; Kengne, Andre P.; Liu, Peter; McCready, Tara; Ng, Eleanor; Nieuwlaat, Robby; Ovbiagele, Bruce; Owolabi, Mayowa; Peiris, David; Thrift, Amanda G.; Tob, Sheldon; Yusoff, Khalid; On behalf of the GACD Hypertension Research Programme.
2018-06Development, Testing, and Implementation of a Training Curriculum for Nonphysician Health Workers to Reduce Cardiovascular DiseaseLópez Jaramillo, Patricio; Khan, Maheer; Lamelas, Pablo M.; Musa, Hadi; Paty, Jared; McCready, Tara; Nieuwlaat, Robby; Ng, Eleonor; López López, Jose; Yusoff, Khalid; Majid, Fadhlina A.; Ng, Kien Keat; Garis, Len; Onuma, Oyere; Yusuf, Salim; Schwalm, Jon-David
2015-04-24Patients' knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and health care experiences on the prevention, detection, management and control of hypertension in Colombia : A qualitative studyLópez Jaramillo, Patricio; Legido Quigley, Helena; Camacho López, Paul Anthony; Balabanova, Dina; Perel, Pablo; Nieuwlaat, Robby; Schwalm, Jon-David; McCready, Tara; Yusuf, Salim; McKee, Martin