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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10Association between habitual school travel and muscular fitness in youthCohen, Daniel Dylan; Ogunleye, Ayodele A.; Taylor, Matthew J.; Voss, Christine; Micklewright, Dominic; Sandercock, Gavin R.H.
2014Athletic performance and birth month : Is the relative age effect more than just selection bias?Sandercock, Gavin R.H.; Ogunleye, Ayodele A.; Parry, D. A.; Cohen, Daniel Dylan; Taylor, Matthew J.; Voss, Christine
2015Fitness Testing for Children : Let’s Mount the Zebra!Cohen, Daniel Dylan; Voss, Christine; Sandercock, Gavin R.H.
2017-02Muscle strength is associated with lower diastolic blood pressure in schoolchildrenCohen, Daniel Dylan; López Jaramillo, Patricio; Fernández Santos, JR; Castro Piñero, Jose; Sandercock, Gavin R.H.
2013-12Quantification of the relative age effect in three indices of physical performanceSandercock, Gavin R.H.; Taylor, Matthew J.; Voss, Christine; Ogunleye, Ayodele A.; Cohen, Daniel Dylan
2017-02-01The Relationship between Socioeconomic Status, Family Income, and Measures of Muscular and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Colombian SchoolchildrenSandercock, Gavin R.H.; Lobelo, Felipe; Correa Bautista, Jorge Enrique; Tovar, Gustavo; Cohen, Daniel Dylan; Knies, Gundi; Ramírez Vélez, Robinson
2013-07-24A Repeated Measures Experiment of Green Exercise to Improve Self-Esteem in UK School ChildrenReed, Katharine; Wood, Carly; Barton, Jo; Pretty, Jules N.; Cohen, Daniel Dylan; Sandercock, Gavin R.H.
2019-02Temporal trends in muscular fitness of English 10-year-olds 1998–2014. An allometric approachSandercock, Gavin R.H.; Cohen, Daniel Dylan