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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07Agronomic and sensory evaluation of nutritionally improved beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in northern Cesar department, ColombiaTofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Tofiño, Rodrigo; Cabal, Diana Carolina; Melo Ríos, Aslenis Emidia; Camarillo, William; Pachón, Helena
2018Effect of agricultural inputs and essential oils on the soil of vegetables in Colombia's Caribbean regionTofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Melo Ríos, Aslenis Emidia; Merini, Luciano J.; Ortega Cuadros, Mailen; Mena Rodríguez, Eduardo
2016-10-17Effect of Lippia alba and Cymbopogon citratus essential oils on biofilms of Streptococcus mutans and cytotoxicity in CHO cellsTofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Ortega Cuadros, Mailen; Galvis Pareja, D.; Jiménez Rios, Hedilka; Merini, Luciano J.; Martínez Pabón, M.C.
2018-05-07Effectiveness of Beauveria bassiana (Baubassil®) on the common cattle tick Rhipicephalus microplus in the Department of Guajira, ColombiaTofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Pedraza Claros, Bertilda; Ortega Cuadros, Mailen; Perdomo Ayola, Sandra C.; Moya Romero, Diana Carolina
2015Evaluation of agrochemicals and bioinputs for sustainable bean management on the Caribbean coast of ColombiaMelo Ríos, Aslenis Emidia; Ariza, Pedro; Lissbrant, Sofía; Tofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia
2014Highly nutritional cookies based on a novel beancassava-wheat flour mix formulationCabal, Diana Carolina; Melo Ríos, Aslenis Emidia; Lissbrant, Sofía; Gallego, Sonia; La O Hechavarría, María de la Luz; Tofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia
2019-06-17Identificación de la actividad biológica del aceite esencial l. Alba en los diferentes sectores de la industria, mediante revisión sistemática durante el periodo de 1990 a 2018Daza Padilla, Angélica Julieth; Tofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Pedraza Claros, Bertilda
2016Microbial activity of essential oils of Lippia alba and cymbopogon citratus on streptococcus mutans and cytotoxicity in cho cellsOrtega Cuadros, Mailen; Tofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Mena Álvarez, O.; Martínez Pabón, M.C.; Galvis Pareja, D.; Merini, Luciano J.
2012-01Productive and nutritional potential determination of mesoamerican biofortified bean at Cesar, ColombiaTofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Tofiño, Rodrigo; Jiménez Rios, Hedilka
2017-05Technological surveillance of aromatic species : From research to the consolidation of the productive chain in ColombiaTofiño Rivera, Adriana Patricia; Ortega Cuadros, Mailen; Melo Ríos, Aslenis Emidia; Mier Giraldo, Helen Jhoana