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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11A call to action and a lifecourse strategy to address the global burden of raised blood pressure on current and future generations ; The Lancet Commission on hypertensionOlsen, Michael H; Angell, Sonia Y; Asma, Samira; Boutouyrie, Pierre; Burger, Dylan; Chirinos, Julio A; Damasceno, Albertino; Delles, Christian; Gimenez Roqueplo, Anne Paule; Hering, Dagmara; López Jaramillo, Patricio; Martinez, Fernando; Perkovic, Vlado; Rietzschel, Ernst R; Schillaci, Giuseppe; Schutte, Aletta Elisabeth; Scuteri, Angelo; Sharman, James E; Wang, Guang
2019-05-03A comparison of the isometric force fatiguerecovery profile in two posterior chain lower limb tests following simulated soccer competitionMatinlauri, Anton; Alcaraz, Pedro E.; Freitas, Tomás T.; Mendiguchia, Jurdan; Abedin-Maghanaki, Afshin; Castillo, Alberto; Martínez-Ruiz, Enrique; Vivas, Jorge Carlos; Cohen, Daniel Dylan; Mirkov, Dragan
2015-06A new Multiplex-PCR for urinary tract pathogens detection using primer design based on an evolutionary computation methodGarcía Sánchez, Liliana Torcoroma; Cristancho, Laura Maritza; Vera, Erika Patricia; Begambre, Oscar
2015-02-14A new neurometric dissection of the area-under-curve-associated jiggle of the motor evoked potential induced by transcranial magnetic stimulationLeon Sarmiento, Fidias E.; Rizzo Sierra, Carlos V.; Leon Ariza, Juan S.; Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Sobota, Rosanna; Prada, Diddier G.
2014A new PCR-RFLP for species-specific diagnosis of South American animal trypanosomiasisGarcía Sánchez, Liliana Torcoroma; Ardila, Yezid A.; Rincón, Deilis; Durán, Camila; Aguilar Jiménez, Jhancy Rocío
2014-11-04A novel method to evaluate the community built environment using photographs - Environmental profile of a community health (Epoch) Photo neighbourhood evaluation toolChow, Clara K.; Corsi, Daniel J.; Lock, Karen; Madhavan, Manisha; Mackie, Pam; Li, Wei; Yi, Sun; Wang, Yang; Swaminathan, Sumathi; López Jaramillo, Patricio; Gomez Arbelaez, Diego; Avezum, Alvaro; Lear, Scott A.; Dagenais, Gilles; Teo, Koon; McKee, Martin; Yusuf, Salim
2018A process innovation based on activities, types and characteristicsPertuz Peralta, Vanessa Paola; Pérez Orozco, Adith Bismarck; Boscan Romero, Neida Coromoto
2016-02-13A profile of corporate social responsibility for mining companies present in the Santurban Moorland, Santander, ColombiaSilva Rodríguez, Ramón; Morales Méndez, Jonathan David
2016-10-25A prospective cohort study to assess seroprevalence, incidence, knowledge, attitudes and practices, willingness to pay for vaccine and related risk factors in dengue in a high incidence settingMartínez Vega, Ruth Aralí; Rodríguez Morales, Alfonso J.; Bracho Churio, Yalil Tomás; Castro Salas, Mirley Enith; Galvis Ovallos, Fredy; Díaz Quijano, Ronald Giovanny; Luna González, María Lucrecia; Castellanos, Jaime E.; Ramos Castañeda, José; Díaz Quijano, Fredi Alexander
2006-09-07A randomized, double blind, cross-over, placebo-controlled clinical trial to assess the effects of Candesartan on the insulin sensitivity on non diabetic, non hypertense subjects with dysglyce mia and abdominal obesity. "ARAMIA"López Jaramillo, Patricio; Pradilla, Lina P.; Lahera, Vicente; Silva Sieger, Federico Arturo; Rueda Clausen, Christian F.; Márquez, Gustavo
2013-07-24A Repeated Measures Experiment of Green Exercise to Improve Self-Esteem in UK School ChildrenReed, Katharine; Wood, Carly; Barton, Jo; Pretty, Jules N.; Cohen, Daniel Dylan; Sandercock, Gavin R.H.
2009-01A report of two cases of disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis in Santander, ColombiaRincón, Melvin Y.; Silva, Sandra Y.; Dueñas, Ruby E.; López Jaramillo, Patricio
2016A structural study of the hydrogen absorption properties by replacing vanadium with zirconium in metal alloysBellon Monsalve, Daniela; Martínez Amaríz, Alejandro David; Barreneche Sarmiento, Diana-Patricia; Dos Santos, D S
2016Ability of care and care burden in family caregivers of people with chronic illnessCarreño Moreno, Sonia; Barreto Osorio, Ruth Vivian; Durán Parra, Myriam; Támara Ortiz, Vilma; Romero, Elizabeth
2011-01Absence of hepatitis C infection among illegal drug users in Bucaramanga, ColombiaBautista Amorocho, Henry; Jaimes Moreno, Brigitte Zorelly; Hincapié López, Martha-Lucía
2015-01Achievement of technological and scientific capacity in physical therapy services of Bucaramanga and FloridablancaPinzón Ochoa, María Isabel; Angarita Fonseca, Adriana; Niño Pinzón, Diana M.
2012-01La acreditación de la educación superior colombiana. Balance y perspectivasAlmeida Parra, Gloria; Ramírez, Tulio
2019-01Acute effect of moderate-intensity exercise on spirometric variables in broncodilated asthmatic subjects. A pilot studySánchez Delgado, Juan Carlos; Jácome Hortúa, Adriana; Aguirre Aguirre, Clara Liliana; Angarita Fonseca, Adriana
2018Addictive disorders such as brain diseases : Analysis of the evidence and practical implicationsCassiani Miranda, Carlos Arturo
2011-01Adoption of the maternal role theorist Mercer Ramona care nursing mothers and children : Case report in maternal and child unitAlvarado, Laura; Guarín, Luzmila; Cañón Montañez, Wilson