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Title: Hydrogen storage in metal hydrides, synthesis and characterization
Authors: Bellon Monsalve, Daniela
Peña, D.
Martínez Amaríz, Alejandro David
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: One of the keys to the implementation of the hydrogen economy is its safe and efficient storage. One of the most promising methods is metal hydrides. In this work, the influence of the mechanical grinding process on the properties of the TiCr1.1V0.9 alloy, specifically the absorption and desorption capacities, and structure of the hydride was studied. The maximum storage capacity was 3.2% wt. at a temperature of 40°C and pressure of 10bars, observing two types of hydrides TiCr1.8H5.3 with a body centred cubic (BCC) structure and TiH2 with face centred cubic (FCC) structure, which release hydrogen in two temperature ranges.
Description: 5 p.
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