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Title: Comparison of the efficiency of biopolymer derived from melocactus sp and aluminum polichloride (pac) in the process of crude water flocculation
Authors: Ibarra Cuadrado, Nailea
Jaramillo, Jhoan
Epalza Contreras, Jesús-Manuel
Keywords: Coagulation
Natural flocculants
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Beginning to use new coagulants and flocculants for the treatment of drinking water is a necessity, to diminish the remains of metals in drinking water and in the residual sludges of the purification process; Aluminum sulfate, iron chloride and aluminum polychloride are currently used for the coagulation and flocculation processes of the water, of these compounds the aluminum polychloride (PAC) is the one that has shown less affectation of metal residues in water and sludge Residual, it is additionally a compound that does not significantly change the pH, this causes the removal of color and turbidity of the water, with minimal changes in the process. Different tests have been carried out with natural plant extracts, including species such as Moringa oleifera, Aloe vera, Melocactus sp, Opuntia sp and other plants, demonstrating that they are efficient in the removal of turbidity and color of natural water. In the present study, a comparison between an extract of Melocactus sp and Aluminum Polychloride (PAC) is presented in the jar test tests, determining its removal capacity, in order to comply with the Colombian drinking water standard. The capacity of a natural flocculant obtained from a species of cactus (Melocactus sp) to remove turbidity and color present in raw water was evaluated, contrasting the result with that obtained with aluminum polychloride (PAC). The data collected during jar tests carried out in the environmental engineering laboratories of the Universidad de Santander UDES, Bucaramanga Sede, are shown. After being analyzed this information served to confirm the efficiency as flocculant of this extract of Melocactus sp; In addition, these final measurements of turbidity, color and pH were compared with the values accepted by the regulations in Colombia. The obtained results allowed to conclude that the conditions managed during the tests were able to remove the turbidity and the color, using only small doses of the natural coagulant, extract of Melocactus sp, the pH remained unaltered, thus demonstrating that the flocculant obtained From a species of cactus I do not alter this parameter.
Description: 6 p.
ISBN: 978-88-95608- 56-3
ISSN: 2283-9216
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