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Title: Neuroradiology and histopathology in two cases of adult medulloblastoma
Authors: Romero Rojas, Alfredo E.
Diaz Perez, Julio A.
Raju, Sharat
Lozano Castillo, Alfonso
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Medulloblastoma (MB) is the most common central nervous system neoplasm in children and only rarely presents in the adult population. Recent molecular biology findings have characterized MB as a heterogeneous neoplasm distinguished by well-defined tumour subsets each with specific histologic and molecular features. Available immunohistochemical stains can now be used to differentiate the distinct molecular types of MB. This report analyzed the histopathologic and neuroradiologic features of two new cases of adult MB. Imaging studies in these patients revealed the morphological appearance of high-grade, well-circumscribed heterogeneous tumours with necrosis, located laterally within the posterior cranial fossa. Histopathology of resected samples demonstrated high-grade tumours (WHO grade IV) containing sheets of undifferentiated neural cells with high mitotic activity and evidence of necrosis. The histopathologic and molecular characteristics of these cases of MB are reviewed for potential applications in new molecular methods of imaging.
Description: 6 p.
ISSN: 2385-1996
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