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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-27Use of molecular biomarkers in studies of aquatic environmental impactValdivieso Quintero, Wilfredo; Zafra, German
2018-05-01Differential protein profiles of the lipolytic yeast candida palmioleophila under different growth conditionsRincón, Leidy Johanna; Agualimpia Valderrama, Bayron-Enrique; Zafra, German
2016-04Molecular characterization and evaluation of oil-degrading native bacteria isolated from automotive service station oil contaminated soilsZafra, German; Agualimpia Valderrama, Bayron-Enrique; Regino, Ronald; Aguilar, Fabiola
2016-04Isolation and Molecular characterization of microorganisms with potential for the degradation of oil and grease from palm oil refinery wastesRodríguez Mateus, Zully; Agualimpia Valderrama, Bayron-Enrique; Zafra, German; Derechos Reservados - Chemical Engineering Transactions, 2016
2018-05-01Molecular detection and characterization of novel lipase genes of the lipolytic yeast Candida palmioleophilaRodríguez Mateus, Zully; Vera Pacheco, Katerine; Zafra, German
2018Functional metagenomic analysis of the coffee (coffea arabica) fermentationVera Pacheco, Katerine; Valdivieso Quintero, Wilfredo; Mantilla Paredes, Andrea Juliana; Jaimes, William; Torrado, Jorge; Zafra, German
2016-11Use of molecular tools to monitor microbial communities during the bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon-contaminated soilsZafra, German; Valdivieso Quintero, Wilfredo
2016-11-15Comparative metagenomic analysis of PAH degradation in soil by a mixed microbial consortiumZafra, German; Taylor, Todd D.; Absalón, Angel E.; Cortés Espinosa, Diana V.
2016Evaluation of native microorganisms for biodegradation of oil and grease in palm oil refinery effluentsAgualimpia Valderrama, Bayron-Enrique; Otero-Muriel, José Vicente; Zafra, German
2021-03-25Cambios en el perfil proteico de E. coli O157:H7 frente al tratamiento con Ib-M1 e IONP@Ib-M1Ramirez-Forero, Gloria Smith; Valdivieso-Quintero, Wilfredo; Ropero-Vega, José Luis; Zafra, German; Florez-Castillo, Johanna Marcela; Cibas