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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-08Auditory and Lower Limb Tactile Prepulse Inhibition in Primary Restless Legs Syndrome : Clues to Its PathophysiologyLeon Sarmiento, Fidias E.; Peckham, Elizabeth; Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Bara Jimenez, William; Hallett, Mark
2018-07-23The Athletic Shoulder (ASH) test: reliability of a novel upper body isometric strength test in elite rugby playersCohen, Daniel Dylan; Hogben, Patrick; Singh, Navraj; Tulloch, Laura; Ashworth, Ben
2014-05-15The lateralized smell test for detecting Alzheimer's disease : Failure to replicateDoty, Richard L.; Bayona, Edgardo A.; Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Cuadros, Juan; Chung, Inna; Vazquez, Britney; Leon Sarmiento, Fidias E.
2018-05-03Physical preparation of the football player with an intramuscular hamstring tendon tear: clinical perspective with video demonstrationsCohen, Daniel Dylan; Taberner, Matt
2018-08Strength-endurance training reduces the hamstrings strength decline following simulated football competition in female playersCohen, Daniel Dylan; Delextrat, Anne; Piquet, Jessica; Matthews, Martyn J.
2014Athletic performance and birth month : Is the relative age effect more than just selection bias?Sandercock, Gavin R.H.; Ogunleye, Ayodele A.; Parry, D. A.; Cohen, Daniel Dylan; Taylor, Matthew J.; Voss, Christine
2018-06Development, Testing, and Implementation of a Training Curriculum for Nonphysician Health Workers to Reduce Cardiovascular DiseaseLópez Jaramillo, Patricio; Khan, Maheer; Lamelas, Pablo M.; Musa, Hadi; Paty, Jared; McCready, Tara; Nieuwlaat, Robby; Ng, Eleonor; López López, Jose; Yusoff, Khalid; Majid, Fadhlina A.; Ng, Kien Keat; Garis, Len; Onuma, Oyere; Yusuf, Salim; Schwalm, Jon-David
2014Prediabetes and diabetes prevention initiatives in Latin America (LA)Gabriel, Rafael; González Villalpando, Clicerio; López Jaramillo, Patricio; Acosta, Tania; López Ridaura, Ruy; Nieto Martínez, Ramfis; Tuomilehto, Jaakko; Aschner, Pablo
2017-10Key Aspects in Foramen Magnum Meningiomas: From Old Neuroanatomical Conceptions to Current Far Lateral Neurosurgical InterventionLeon Ariza, Daniel S.; Campero, Alvaro; Romero Chaparro, Rubby J.; Prada, Diddier G.; Vargas Grau, Gabriel; Rhoton Jr., Albert L.
2018-11In Reply to the Letter to the Editor Regarding “Evidences in Neurological Surgery and a Cutting Edge Classification of the Trigeminocardiac Reflex : A Systematic Review”Leon Ariza, Daniel S.; Leon Ariza, Juan S.; Leon Sarmiento, Fidias E.