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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-05-15Double blind, randomized controlled trial, to evaluate the effectiveness of a controlled nitric oxide releasing patch versus meglumine antimoniate in the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis [NCT00317629]Silva, Sandra Y.; Rueda, Ligia C.; López Casillas, Marcos; Vélez, Iván D.; Rueda Clausen, Christian F.; Smith, Daniel J.; Muñoz, Gerardo; Mosquera, Hernando; Silva Sieger, Federico Arturo; Buitrago, Adriana; Díaz, Holger; López Jaramillo, Patricio
2007-07Periodontal disease severity is related to high levels of C-reactive protein in pre-eclampsiaHerrera, Julián A.; Parra, Beatriz; Herrera, Enrique; Botero, Javier E.; Arce, Roger M.; Contreras, Adolfo; López Jaramillo, Patricio
2007-09-26Double blind, randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, using a nitric oxide releasing patch : PATHONSilva, Sandra Y.; Rueda, Ligia C.; Márquez, Gustavo; López Casillas, Marcos; Smith, Daniel J.; Calderón, Carlos A.; Castillo, Juan C.; Matute, Jaime; Rueda Clausen, Christian F.; Orduz, Arturo; Silva Sieger, Federico Arturo; Kampeerapappun, Piyaporn; Bhide, Mahesh; López Jaramillo, Patricio
2009-05Inter-relationships between body mass index, C-reactive protein and blood pressure in a hispanic pediatric populationLópez Jaramillo, Patricio; Herrera Anaya, Elizabeth; García, Ronald G.; Camacho López, Paul Anthony; Castillo, Victor R.
2009-04Appropriate prenatal care system : The best way to prevent preeclampsia in Andean countriesLópez Jaramillo, Patricio; García, Ronald G.; Reyes, Laura M.; Ruiz, Silvia L.
2007-02Patología socioeconómica como causa de las diferencias regionales en las prevalencias de síndrome metabólico e hipertensión inducida por el embarazoLópez Jaramillo, Patricio; Pradilla, Lina P.; Castillo, Victor R.; Lahera, Vicente
2009-04Inflammation but not endothelial dysfunction is associated with the severity of coronary artery disease in dyslipidemic subjectsRueda Clausen, Christian F.; López Jaramillo, Patricio; Luengas, Carlos; Oubiña, Maria del Pilar; Cachofeiro, Victoria; Lahera, Vicente
2008-08-29Cardiovascular prevention in high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus : When to start it?García, Ronald G.; López Jaramillo, Patricio
2009-01Leishmaniasis cutánea diseminada. Reporte de dos casos en Santander, ColombiaRincón, Melvin Y.; Silva, Sandra Y.; Dueñas, Ruby E.; López Jaramillo, Patricio
2008-07Are nutrition-induced epigenetic changes the link between socioeconomic pathology and cardiovascular diseases?López Jaramillo, Patricio; Silva, Sandra Y.; Rodríguez Salamanca, Narella; Durán Hernández, Álvaro-Hernán; Mosquera, Walter; Castillo, Victor R.