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Title: Biofertilizing potential of a fertilizer based on cienego and native microorganisms in corn seeds
Authors: Diaz Castañeda, Claudia-Elizabeth
Daza, D.
Arámbula, Claudia-Ivonne
Issue Date: 29-Nov-2019
Publisher: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Abstract: In the development of the productive process of stone aggregates, during the stage of washing and extraction of sludge from the decanter wells, a "cienego" sand is produced in an approximate quantity of 24.75 tons per day, of which only 10% per day is commercialized, the remaining 90% must be discarded, causing financial detriment, impact on the environment in terms of pollution by handling the product that is discarded, occupation of useful areas and landscape degradation, among other impacts negatively affecting the companies in the sector, and their environment. The objective of this research was to evaluate a fertilizer based on cienego and three native microorganisms (Azotobacter sp, 1 Azotobacter sp, 2 and Pseudomonas sp) in corn seeds. For this purpose, three native strains of diazotrophic bacteria were isolated from soil samples of oil palm crops in Tibú, located at Norte de Santander, Colombia, which were biochemically identified using traditional culture media. These isolates were inoculated into corn seeds in trays with sterile soil plus ciénego at 70/30 ratio respectively, and the plant growth-promoting effect was recorded every 4 days, by measuring morphological variables such as height, number of leaves, number of roots, length and germination rate. The results showed that Azotobacter sp, 2 treatment presented a higher production of roots, reached greater height (cm), number of leaves and germination rate in comparison to control treatment after 12 days of monitoring, besides directly influencing the percentage of organic matter in the substrate and elements such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus, allowing greater productivity and corn seed yield once these were germinated.
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