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Title: Innovation management practices: Review and guidance for future research in SMEs
Authors: Pertuz-Peralta, Vanessa Paola
Perez-Orozco, Adith Bismarck
Keywords: Innovation management practices
Innovation management
Scoping review
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2020
Abstract: This article aims to identify the innovation management practices used by companies worldwide and referenced in the scientific literature. This study employed a scoping review methodology proposed by Manchado et al. (Medicina y seguridad del trabajo 55:12–19, 2009). A total of 322 documents were located and screened by two reviewers. After we applied the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 19 articles were analysed in depth. This article identifies the innovation management practices used by different kinds of companies, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises. The review found a total of 116 practices, grouped into 13 categories. These categories were classified based on the innovation management process. The practices most frequently cited by authors were the application of project management fundamentals, product changes and process improvements, idea generation techniques, and practices related to human talent management for innovation. This article provides a framework of good practices for companies that wish to improve their innovation management process.
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ISSN: 2198-1620
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