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Title: Metal hydrides with body-centered cubic structure: Advantages and challenges
Authors: Martinez-Amariz, Alejandro David
Peña, Dario
Montes-Vera, E.
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2019
Abstract: Metal hydrides are considered an easy and safe way to store hydrogen. Storage is one of the keys to the large-scale implementation of the so-called hydrogen economy, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the new vision of sustainable development towards a more environmentally friendly world. This paper presents a general review of some alloys based on TiCrV and TiCrVZr showing their advantages and challenges that must be developed for their implementation. The capacity of absorption and desorption as a function of time is shown using a Sieverts type device, the structure is studied by means of X-ray diffraction as well as its morphology by means of scanning electron microscopy. This paper shows the advantages and disadvantages of alloy synthesis methods based on transition metals, it is observed that hydrogen capacity increases in the process of fusion synthesis and decreases in the process by mechanical grinding, however the capacity desorption is not optimal at room temperature.
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