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Title: Production of biogas from organic solid residues, by the use of biodigester in bench scale
Authors: Carreño, J.
Da Silva Borges, D.R.
De Souza, Clauidinei
Martínez Amaríz, Alejandro David
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The urban solid waste that is deposited in the open dumps generates great contamination during its decomposition stage since it undergoes different changes due to the action of the microorganisms that the produce CO2, CH4 and other residual gases that affect the environment and health human. The present work aims to evaluate the efficiency of biogas production from organic solid wastes generated in the University Restaurant of the Technology Center of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro through anaerobic digestion in biodigesters at scale bench. During this study an anaerobic digestion test was carried out in a bench scale biodigester for a period of 48 days, prepared with organic solid waste, anaerobic sludge and waste water; being analyzed and controlled different chemical parameters, besides the values of temperature and ph. The test prepared for this project consisted of 6% of total solids consisting of solid wastes, anaerobic sludge and wastewater, resulting in an efficiency of removal of total volatile solids of 55% and the production of approximately 38% CH4, 43% CO2 and 10% H2S.
Description: 5 p.
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